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jan cain has always insisted that she is on the wrong planet.

unwavering in her story that as an infant she was sent by her biological parents to fend for herself with a not-all-bad

yet highly dysfunctional middle class family living south of the mason-dixon line in baltimore maryland [7th state in

the good ol' USofA] on the planet earth, cain is not a big fan of the human race. to cope [kinda], she shoots pics of

the anthropoids, situations and objects she encounters—whatever.

as always, she continues to look forward to returning to her home planet where the natives have manners, study art,

value history and speak in complete sentences—where there is no plastic, are no meat eaters, no climate deniers and

no selfies.

currently living in nyc’s east village, cain boasts of having a great gut biome, perfect vision in her left eye and no trouble

sleeping. she shoots with the fujifilm xt2.

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image diary: quotidienne

instagram: @jancain

email: jc@cain.com

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